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Career counselling is the process of helping the candidates to select a course of study that may help them to get into job or make them employable. A career counsellor helps candidates to get into a career that is suited to their aptitude, personality, interest and skills. So it is the process of making an effective correlation between the internal psychology of a candidate with the external factors of employability and courses. .

Admission Consulting Service

We will provide you information from authentic sources for you to see for yourself which college is good and why. Also, a college may have 20 courses, but it's unlikely that the colleges is No. 1 for all the courses. Mostly, it will be top in a few subjects and some other college is top in other subjects. We will let you know which college is best for which subject and what are the steps to get admission in that college. .

Direct Admission

The student who gets entry into a college through this process has to pay a little more than a candidate who get admission through entrance tests or through examination scores. In India, normally private colleges give entry to students using this process and the seats for Direct Admissions are limited to a small percentage of the total number of seats. Seats reserved for Direct admission is also known as management quota seats. However, the student has to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the government.

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